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                             BUNDT CAKES

Simply Cupcakes has many customers and Facebook fans who do not live in Naples. For those people who want to enjoy Simply Cupcakes or share them with friends or relatives, we offer our bundt cakes.

These cakes are made from the same recipes as our two most popular cupcakes; Naples Key Lime or Red Velvet.


A tropical treat blending rich, moist sour cream cake 
with the tangy zing of Key lime. It's a special treat
for both our local and out of town customers and 
Facebook fans. Our secret? Each key lime cake is 
individually showered with a key lime juice blend 
while cooling. Topped with our cream cheese frosting! 
Wonderfully zesty and moist!


The Simply Cupcakes Red Velvet has been hailed 
as the best in the south!  It's a mild chocolate cake
with a wonderful crimson hue and the moist texture 
of velvet. Blanketed in our famous cream cheese 
frosting, it's ideal for any gathering of family or friends.
We use all the traditional ingredients such as buttermilk, 
and imported French cocoa powder. 

Bundt cakes are 8" and will serve 8-10.  They are shrink wrapped; shipped in a gift tin and will stay moist without refrigeration for 5-7 days after delivery.
Cream cheese frosting is shipped in a 4 oz.container and can be drizzled on the cake for serving.

Each bundt cake $29 plus $13.50 for 2 day delivery.
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